I clicked on my Blogger profile, and it said 24. (That's the ahhhh part, in case my sleep deprived dry humor wasn't soaking through).

By the way, it really sucks when your birthday falls on a weekday. This is gonna be one fantastically long weekend ;)

I can't wait to take a nap during lunch.

*turns up volume on iPod*

Update: And whoever thought this would be the right weekend to lose an hour of sleep deserves to be taken out back and beaten to a bloody pulp with a wiffle ball bat.

out of my comfort zone

And partially deaf, too. To welcome my birthday a friend and I met some other friends at a blues bar downtown (Beale) for Kim Massie and other musicians. Never mind for a second that I was at work until 10:00 pm last night (that's not even being blogged about) and need to get up in about four hours.

It is so fascinating. I see these people who obviously feel and hear things that my brain simply doesn't register. And then it drives them to move their body in ways I find awkwardly difficult to imitate. There's a whole language these people speak, and I'm just trying to learn enough letters to say hello. But I do want to learn, as painful and embarrassing and intimidating and frustrating as that may be.

Here's to a weekend of new experiences and no sleep!

Oh, and so my car wouldn't feel left out of the festivities, it sits at 65670 out in the parking lot, exactly 30,000 miles since I got it.


it's the economy, stupid

(P) Three cheers for actual analysis on the situation in Iraq and not the same old same old story du jour on the cable news channels.

While in the reading mood, this is a good one, too. I think liberals who whine about the incompetence and stupidity of the Bush Administration are mistaking apathy of some subjects for what's really been done over the last five years.


random car fun

With my trip home for Mark and Erin's wedding, I just put the 1,000th gallon of gas in my Escort. Yay for anal recordkeeping. And, I am about to put my 30,000th mile on it since I bought it; probably this coming weekend. And this weekend is great for other things, too, hehe. I won't really miss being 23, though. 24 doesn't sound any older, unlike the jump to 23. Once you're already out of school working, there's not much to worry about.

Until 25. That's ancient.

Spending a weekend with college students at Windermere makes you think about ages. Thank goodness for grad students counting; I'm only in the middle of the pack!


well today was interesting at work

We're undergoing "reengineering" right now at work, which usually means one of two things (often a little of both). Either there is discussion about how people waste time and what inefficencies can be improved, or it's a way for management to tell employees they have to do more for the same pay. At times, it feels like there is serious discussion about processes that can be improved and more efficient ways of allocating job duties.

But my goodness, the overarching theme seems to be blame the employees! Why aren't you getting all this work done? You have to get it done, you must be wasting time, every other organization out there is doing what we do with fewer people, blah blah blah. It's partly frustrating because operational improvement is one of the big things that draws me to business; of course there are always ways things can be done better. It's called progress.

Creating an atmosphere of combativeness and blame is not how you realize constructive progress, however. It is particularly frustrating when managers talk about thinking outside the box, so to speak, yet have no real intention of actually entertaining ideas that are outside the realm of how the managers want things done. In our particular case, we are caught in this impossible bind between our bosses' desire to keep control of all things within administration/accounting and the simple fact that pay scales and job titles suggest significantly more responsibility should be assigned to departmental managers.


7 more days

Considering he's a dog, he's actually doing a half decent job of not getting the apt too messy with the fun rain/snow we've gotten recently. A nonnegative is almost a positive, right?


i realize some of you would say this is a happy statement

The dog is stuck here for another 8 days.

I think I'll keep a countdown.


i'm such a girl

I packed four pairs of shoes for what was effectively a day trip home. And I almost cried at Mark and Erin's wedding. Then I spent three hours at Perkin's engrossed in a conversation about women's issues with an old friend from the second best school with Bears as their mascot.

Maybe if I talk about my car it will restore a little manliness. I hit 65,000 miles on the trip out there. It's now got almost a third of the mileage the 'ole Cavailer had.

Probably means it's about time to pay for some more maintenance.


it's been a while

Kenton, have a great time in Evansville! Best of luck with the job.

Eric, thanks for the lively discussion tonight. Why don't we do that more often? Anyway, that was just the right kickoff to march madness.


i love march

Spring, birthdays, debate districts, and of course March Madness! Madness is certainly the word to describe the selection committee's work this year. I think this might be the worst bracket I can remember. I doubt I have much unique to say, so I won't add to the ranting, but come on! Just terrible. (Really, that's all I'm going to add. Probably).

[deep breath]

No matter, it will still be good basketball. Plus, I'm traveling a lot this month, so I won't get to see a whole lot of games.

Air Force! Either Kentucky or UAB will advance to the second round? Tennessee a 2 seed? Where's Missouri State?


Ok, I'm done now. Don't worry about me, I comforted myself with a Keira Knightley flick where she dons tons of war paint. There, all better.

this is hilarious

Uh, if you're easily offended, don't follow the link below. Also, you probably shouldn't be on the internet...

Every Sperm is Sacred

almost a city driver

I have to put myself in a different driving mindset depending on whether I'm in my neighborhood here or back in Libety. By now, I'm comfortable running yellow lights, accepting the difference between posted speed limits and actual driving speeds, and ignoring that whole bit about coming to a complete stop at stop signs. And no offense to you of fuhmallee persuasion out there, but I notice more frequently that some of y'all do really stupid things while driving.

Well today, I think I graduated another level higher in my St. Louis assimilation. There's this major road that runs between my neighborhood and Forest Park that connects people out west to downtown, running parallel to the interstate. It has been shut down for ages (ok, a couple years, at least) for the metro construction. Recently, they have been reopening small segments of it. Now, the segment that runs to my neighborhood is nominally still a construction zone, and technically there is a lower posted speed limit, so technically the guy I followed home this afternoon wasn't doing anything particularly wrong, except of course the fact that he slammed on his brakes a couple times at my persistant following.

You have to understand, this is a clear Sunday afternoon; the only sign of construction is that there are orange barrels in the other lane and not all of the entrance ramps are open. For a couple weeks now, this wonderfully limited access road has served as a pleasant 50 mph section for those of us who have been trapped by the construction for too long. Well this guy apparently took the 25mph signs literally, and in fact we spent much of the trip driving less than 25 mph! If you're lost, you have no business getting on to a road with construction signs saying various things like local traffic only and does not go through to Skinker. And if you're not lost, you have to know that everybody drives 50mph because you have a dedicated lane sandwiched between the concrete barriers and the orange barrels with only one exit ramp and no entrance ramps!

Everybody, that is, save the one or two cars who feel the need to take Forest Park Parkway instead of Lindell yet want to choose that particular location to trap the ten cars behind them that want to drive twice as fast. Arghhhh...If you don't want to drive, take Lindell, stay off the Parkway!! It's a more scenic view of the park, has four lanes instead of two, and possesses quaint things like stoplights and people who only drive 40mph.


bye bye brad

Laura, Doug, Lauren. Now Brad. Oh, so sad. Will my friends please stop leaving me for California?

In all seriousness, best of luck Brad. This just makes it that much easier to justify buying the plane ticket to get out there.

Oh, and on a separate note, congrats to Brittany, Yue, and Rachel. As I'm sure everyone knows, the first weekend in March is the best time of the year! I actually voted for a counterplan at districts. Not sure I've ever done that before. That vote made me squirrel, too. And that, I have done before.