remind me again

Why are marijuana users more dangerous to society than the financial fraudsters that wrecked our economy?

I mean, don't get me wrong, I think drugs are awful. I'm 'old school' on that, a good little Baptist boy. Heck, I watch my consumption of caffeine and acetaminophen, never mind alcohol and THC.

But this joint LA Times op-ed by our current and past drug czars (heads of the Office of National Drug Control Policy) cracks me up. I know those are English words following English grammar, but I don't understand what they're saying.

I think they might have been stoned when they wrote that. That's my most charitable explanation.

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go irish

I mean, with a name like Dempsey, how can I not support Mark Ireland for judge?

P.S. Sarah, or whoever is doing the website, primary day is over...you can put up info about the general :)

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progressively stupider driving

(R) Sometimes I think sick me is more authentic than healthy me, because healthy me spends a not insignificant amount of energy being patient with things that annoy me while sick me just gets annoyed. I don't know if St. Louis just has worse drivers than elsewhere, because I haven't driven regularly in very many cities (although, drivers in San Francisco aren't exactly top-notch, probably because they get out of practice and pedestrians are horrible), or maybe it's because I spend more time in city driving in St. Louis.


If you're changing lanes in front of somebody merging onto the highway, don't slow down. That seems like a pretty simple concept. There's a reason they have exit lanes; that's where you slow down.

If you want to make a right turn from a street with several lanes, get in line with everybody else. Don't get into the left lanes, zoom past people, then try to muscle back in.

If you want to make a left turn against oncoming traffic, turn on your blinker. And wait for oncoming traffic to finish its oncomingness.

If I had still been driving the Cavalier this morning, I might have been involved in an accident. I cannot 100% say that I would have stopped for all three idiotic road maneuvers on the same morning.

Grrr....This would be a great week to take the whole week off if that were a realistic option.

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