bye bye hkd

Exciting news! I got an envelope this weekend. Candace had just called Friday night, so I'm thinking Liberty a little, and then I see a KC postmark. 900 Cambridge, who lives on Cambridge, Candace doesn't live there, right?

Then I flash back to a conversation Stan and I had many years ago about Cambridge. Cambridge? Oh yeah, that's where Hillary lives! Or used to, or her mom does, or something.

I must say, the Liberty memory is two for two this weekend. It was in fact from Hillary.

Congratulations to you and Jason! I will most certainly plan on coming back for your wedding. Yay.

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why aren't I a betting man

Personally, the timing on my phone worked out pretty well; I'd rather have the lower price than the store credit. But Apple did do something. I should be a consultant for them or something.

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excitement excitement excitement

Man, I thought the who will lose least NL Central was exciting. I'm checking baseball scores - why didn't the Royals play the Rangers earlier in the year - and discover that Apple released some updated iPods.

Cool beans.

Now, apparently they also dropped the price on the iPhone. But not retroactively. Needless to say, a few of Apple's best customers are a tad upset. Fortunately my phone is on day number 13.

And no, I'm not counting. I just needed to make sure I was in the magic 14 day window. As I'm writing from my iPhone as we speak, I'll keep the business analysis short. But if I were a betting man, I'd guess that Apple will end up doing something to appease half a million of its best customers and sales people.

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