pine orange banana returns

Haha, and not only is it back, but check out how I started my shopping today. Apples, grapefruit, juice, and nonfat Yoplait.

To balance it out, I quickly rushed over to grab some cookies n cream ice cream and a four meat frozen pizza, lest any of the lovely college students who get to be out during normal hours of the day start to question my manliness. Seriously, no wonder college is great. After a tremendously wintery weekend, they get to roam around in the gorgeous, sunny weather running errands and jogging through the park. Oh work, why can't you only meet 14 hours a week?

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happy king day

I mean, Happy Presidents Day. The President can't commit war crimes or imprison people without charging them with a crime, right?

Whew, otherwise we might need to rename the holiday. And that will mess up all the marketing literature for the car and mattress sales.


jump for joy

Or jump for survival. Take your pick. Either way, it's freezing. I'm not sure I've totally thawed out yet. But I have had several cups of hot chocolate. Mmmm.

Well worth it to see Julie go crazy.

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they might be giants take two

One of the roommie's found out that TMBG is outside in Soulard. The Florida one. Apparently, that's a dealbreaker.

Alas, so our group is one smaller now.

In other news, I heard the most bizarre song yesterday suggested as a great Valentine's Day song. Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for the overplayed get-stuck-in-your-head Top-40 stuff. And Lips of an Angel certainly has a great sound to it.

But with lyrics like my girl's in the next room, sometimes I wish she was you, and, girl you make it hard to be faithful with the lips of an angel, wow, that's, uh, kind of a guy's dream for Valentine's Day, ain't it? And it was the female DJ who made the comment!

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they might be giants

So we're going Saturday to see They Might Be Giants. I think it's in Soulard. You're welcome to come join us. Andrew, if you and Anna are in town, you're welcome to stay here.

We're actually having a winter this year. I hardly remember what those are like. It is white out right now!

I ask my roommates this evening if they want to cook dinner with Julie and me tomorrow. They're both like, uh, we're not eating dinner with you tomorrow. What are we, a couple? Your third AND fourth wheels?

So, uh, it'll just be me and Julie.

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I'm at the store and the fancy juices are on sale for the same price as the store brand. Good right? Except I scan fervently and futilely (futily?) for Dole's Pine Orange Banana. It's nowhere to be found!

I have to settle on the orange strawberry banana. Good, and a perfectly acceptable substitute from time to time. But come on guys, this absence of the best stuff better be rectified the next time I go shopping.

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slackin' off again

Alas, no excuses. But welcome February, last month before I turn 25, and home of SuperBowl goodness. Even if it is another year without the Chiefs. *sniffle*

Also, congrats and good luck Kim! I'm a little behind the ball here, but that's gotta be fun to work in labor/delivery once your patients find out you're pregnant.

So I turn on the TV as I'm about to sit down for a fabulous dinner finishing off the wings from Sunday, because of course what's dinner without TV, and I run across Modern Marvels on the History Channel. Now, whoever can say no to a show designed to make us feel all sophisticated in our 21st century goodness at the expense of all our simpleton forebearers I would like to meet. So I dig in to the wings, which is pretty much committing to the current TV show for a few minutes. Well it turns out to be the one about sex tech.

But no worries. It was actually really good. Did you know for example that the most common form of birth control in the US is sterilization? The things you learn.

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