oh my goodness

Have the Royals now won fully one out of every three games they've played this season?

Has my Amazon order for Civ IV really not shipped yet?

Am I getting old? Seriously, old people talk about health problems. And for the past couple days, my neck has been bothering me. Three people know this, I almost told a guy over lunch (ahh!), and now you know.


silly grocery store

Why do you put all the good cookies on sale at once! My pantry did not need three boxes of cookies.

And my time demands do not need a new computer game, yet I feel compelled to go pre-order Civ IV...can't stop myself...


small world

Who says computers don't bring people together? This is just too good.

I set up a profile on some website a while ago that I couldn't figure out how to later delete; one of those where part of it is free, but to actually have real conversations with people all of a sudden costs money, and of course they restrict any information that might let you find each other outside of the site. Anyway, not being stymied by the delete problem, I took advantage of the fact there isn't any other personal info besides the picture by simply changing the picture. No problem, right?

Well today I get home from work, check my email, and what do I find but a note from the website saying that someone clicked that they liked the picture. Not just anyone, of course; that wouldn't be noteworthy. It's somebody I know! How cool is that?


new record

I apparently haven't been to a traditional Methodist wedding before, or at least not one in Flo Valley. Getting family and wedding party down the aisle and back out was half the service. At one point, the pastor led a prayer for the new couple. Then he led us in the Lord's prayer. Then he led us in a prayer for the new couple. I'm not sure I've ever in all my years of parents who are both preacher's kids sat through three consecutive prayers. Lest you think I'm complaining, though, the whole sucker lasted 28 minutes by my watch. Well done! Congrats Matt and Erin.


fashionably late

I've been needing to do some cleaning and throwing stuff away and organizing and whatnot for a while in my room, so I got some of that done this morning. As of this writing, there are no clothes on the floor, only yesterday's clothes in the hamper, and all the clean clothes are hanging up in the closet! The old magazines are out in the trash, and I have one neat pile now by my bed of stuff left to read. Even have the shot in the Post-Dispatch of the new stadium hanging above my bed.

So, it only took me until mid June to pull out my summer clothes and stash winter sweaters in their place. At that pace, I'll get them back out, what, around January?


16 bit sadness

For post 256, a quick flashback. I've had my beloved Fossil Watch since we went to Portland for debate nationals in 2000 and Ricky convinced me I should buy one.

I came home for lunch today (why is it, now, that I am eating alone today, Kelli?). Walk into my room and hear a thud as I walk past the door. Mark this day, June 16, 2006, for it has seen the first visible scratch inflicted on my watch, just inside of the marker for 2. So sad.


pinked out

Jodi dragged me out of bed way too early on a Saturday morning. Not to do something cool like see a baseball game or go on a float trip or something. No no. To spend the morning surrounded by lots and lots of pink. And spend $20 on a t-shirt. Seriously, even the Sun Chips were in a pink bag.

But it's for a "good cause", and it was really quite a bit of fun. Her friends Cathleen and Tom were in town, for Race for the Cure, from Kentucky. They ran, but I was content to walk with Jodi (as it seems most people did, by the way). I consider myself quite tolerant of pink, but that was amazing; everything was pink. I was happy when we got done that the bottled water was clear!

They basically had booths set up between about Tucker and 18th street, and the course was a loop around them west on Olive to Compton then back east on Market to City Hall. This allows for some incredible views at the top of a couple hills of block after block of people packed together. Good times. I'll skip a lengthy discussion of all those cute runners as Julie now knows about Stay Curious. Hope you're having fun in Chicago.


taken to task

So the king of inconsistent posting has called me to task because I've been busy for a week. Sosumi. At least his new site is up; that must be why he's all high and mighty all of a sudden.

I've been busy being the man of the household, renting one of those big vans from Home Depot to move a couch and random chair from Eric's apartment. Furniture, mind you, that's not even mine. At least, technically; I still plan on sitting on it. Of course, the women actually buying it wanted no part of driving the beast.

I've been busy with my essembly addiction, naturally. And Civ IV may need to be ordered this month, which won't help the computer time any.

I've been busy not cleaning my room. It is a disaster! Julie, I blame it on you. I don't care how unfair that is.

I've been busy at work, helping train new people and write grants since Bush decided it's more important to blow up buildings in Baghdad than train Americans to get jobs.

I've been busy slacking off on my swing dancing. Seriously, Emily must think I've abandoned her.

I've been busy growing my country. 2 billion strong! And the people of Lazy days made top ten lists for both happiness and smarts.

I've been busy seeing movies; three of them in the last week after not having seen one for a long time. One of them even had my mom in it; so bizarre.

Of course, being busy saying goodbye to Eric and Nikki. Nikki, so sad to have gotten to know you just as you are leaving, and Eric, well, so sad to have gotten to know you...at least we'll always have our iChat videoconferencing! Best of luck in DC; I definitely plan on coming out to visit again. The end of the Blokus Era.

I've been busy accepting friend invitations from my Clayton kiddies at Facebook. Good Lord, one of them finds you and they all do. Scary stuff.

And I've been busy meeting people with great nicknames like Tits. Won't forget her name the next time we cross paths at a party.

Probably some other stuff too, but I'm too busy to remember.