the SF Fed exists in another dimension

I have decided that aliens abducted the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and replaced it with a drab building that could be anything but an illegal secret conspiracy aimed at controlling the world.

I find this the only possible conclusion after being thoroughly disappointed. The location is perfect; you hop off the BART and you are in the heart of the financial district, literally at the gates of the SF Fed. You just don't know it. There's no gleaming white marble and stone structure. No statue ideal for the casual picture. I have generally thought San Francisco to be a far superior city to Atlanta. But I may have to reorient my whole worldview now. They've got the western kingdom of the rulers of the free world holed up in a bunker.

You almost feel sorry for the suckers.

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beach, park, or art museum

This week has been full of difficult choices!



blunt's website cracks me up

(P) I've been enjoying checking out Representative Blunt's website over the past year as he's the de facto GOP candidate for Bond's Senate seat. What cracks me up is how there will be one news headline that will just completely contradict the headline before it. Do the Congressman's advisors think we're morans? For example, if you're opposed to making the national debt larger, then fine, support policies that shrink the debt.

As a headline from 2/4 states: Blunt votes no on Greatest Debt Increase in American History. Never mind the reasoning behind that logic; let's take it at face value for a moment.

Contrast that with a headline from two days before and a headline from the day before: Blunt Slams President's Tax Hike on Charitable Donations and Blunt Blast's President's removal of C-17s from Budget. Again, set aside the reasoning for why it might be good or bad to reduce the tax breaks that wealthy Americans get for donating to charity and why it might be good or bad to reduce defense spending. Just take the statements at face value.

Within two days, Blunt's office issued statements saying that

1) We should increase the debt, and
2) We should decrease the debt

Or as another example, if you believe in free trade, great. I went to business school to major in management and international business. That's speakin' my language.

So on Blunt's issues page, he talks about
Promoting the free flow of goods, knowledge and innovation around the world

But on the very same page, he talks about
Enforcing our border, standing up for the rule of law

Again, set aside for a second whether you believe we should have free trade or a closed border; both have legitimate arguments backing them up. Rather, consider that the issues section of Blunt's website declares that

1) We should promote trade around the world, and
2) We should restrict trade at our borders

With leadership like that, he's sure to earn a promotion!

Seriously, Republicans support that guy? Democrats have their problems. I'm the first to call them idiots when they're, well, idiots. But Congressman Blunt takes it to a whole other level.

Whose side is he on? The Republicans blasting government spending? Or the commie-hippie-tree-hugging tax and spenders throwing away money on homeless people?

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