taken to task

So the king of inconsistent posting has called me to task because I've been busy for a week. Sosumi. At least his new site is up; that must be why he's all high and mighty all of a sudden.

I've been busy being the man of the household, renting one of those big vans from Home Depot to move a couch and random chair from Eric's apartment. Furniture, mind you, that's not even mine. At least, technically; I still plan on sitting on it. Of course, the women actually buying it wanted no part of driving the beast.

I've been busy with my essembly addiction, naturally. And Civ IV may need to be ordered this month, which won't help the computer time any.

I've been busy not cleaning my room. It is a disaster! Julie, I blame it on you. I don't care how unfair that is.

I've been busy at work, helping train new people and write grants since Bush decided it's more important to blow up buildings in Baghdad than train Americans to get jobs.

I've been busy slacking off on my swing dancing. Seriously, Emily must think I've abandoned her.

I've been busy growing my country. 2 billion strong! And the people of Lazy days made top ten lists for both happiness and smarts.

I've been busy seeing movies; three of them in the last week after not having seen one for a long time. One of them even had my mom in it; so bizarre.

Of course, being busy saying goodbye to Eric and Nikki. Nikki, so sad to have gotten to know you just as you are leaving, and Eric, well, so sad to have gotten to know you...at least we'll always have our iChat videoconferencing! Best of luck in DC; I definitely plan on coming out to visit again. The end of the Blokus Era.

I've been busy accepting friend invitations from my Clayton kiddies at Facebook. Good Lord, one of them finds you and they all do. Scary stuff.

And I've been busy meeting people with great nicknames like Tits. Won't forget her name the next time we cross paths at a party.

Probably some other stuff too, but I'm too busy to remember.


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