je deteste les voitures vraiment

les enfants aussi. That may not be grammatically correct enough for L'Académie Française, but you get the idea.

I'm going to lunch this afternoon and notice a sizeable crater in my windshield and a large crack going up from it. Now, there are rocks in the parking lot at the next building, and kids, too, because it's a daycare. But the daycare swears they supervise the kids whenever outside. Unfortunately, no one where I work saw when it happened.

So, it appears that a rock magically picked itself up off of their parking lot and smashed into a windshield in another parking lot. I hear that happens all the time these days.

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c'est moi

Facebook is going crazy with all these new apps they're adding. This one's pretty cool, though.



rip lazy days

Terrible news. The People of Lazy days have disappeared.

While some fear a pandemic disease, asteroid impact, nuclear war, gloabl warming, massive volcanic eruption, or space aliens, uncomfirmed reports place the blame on the country's creator for being absent for too many consecutive days.

The People of Lazy days would request further study and assistance if they still existed to harbor such sentiments.


maybe we should be recruiting them

(P) I was doing a little reading this afternoon, and I ran into a very interesting tidbit of information. One of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay in the cases that were recently thrown out, Omar Kadhr, is charged with killing a special forces medic on the battlefield.

Omar was 15.

For all the talk about how illegal and immoral the Bush Administration's wars are, maybe there's another problem we need to address.

Let's suspend disbelief for a second and assume Omar is guilty. What does that say about the state of our military when a teenager in an impoverished country can kill a special forces medic on the battlefield?

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can the espn curse affect even the royals

Imagine my shock when I saw the following on ESPN's preview of the Cardinals/Royals game this evening.

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bye bye eli

Have a great time in Swaziland.

Don't forget to come home at some point.

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