more power

I've been working a lot recently so I rewarded myself with a 1GB RAM chip for my iMac.

Yay for those huge maps in Civ IV! I now have more than 5 times as much RAM as my 'ole Performa 575's entire hard drive. Good times.


fun with sports

I discovered two interesting things this week.

First, as of the time I am writing this, the Royals are not the worst team in baseball! And that's in spite of playing in the toughest division this year.

Second, the Chiefs managed to be ranked 16th for total offense and 4th (let me repeat that, 4th!) in total defense after week 1. And yet, we managed to lose that game handily. So sad.


data is overrated

(P) This is interesting. Apparently media consolidation was even worse than the vast majority of Americans thought it was. It was so bad that the FCC bosses destroyed a report about it. More good times in the reign of Bush the Younger.


a good run

Before this January when I picked up my iMac, I hadn't had a "new" computer as in one that was more or less cutting edge technology for many years, although I've certainly had lots of computers new to me over that time. So, it has been exciting having new stuff and having it last so long; over 7 months. It's risky whenever Apple releases new products to jump on board right away, but this has been great.

So, I must mark the end of this run. My machine's class is still in the comparison graphics the marketers love.

But it's the crappy one to make the new ones look good.


fun in pairs

Yesterday was great. Erin and I went to the St. Louis County Fair and Airshow. Oh, those are definitely my peoples. Got to witness a white trash fight break out right in front of us while sharing a funnel cake. Speaking of which, I don't know whether it was the funnel cake or the corn dog or the pulled pork sandwich or the onion bloom or the smoothie or the dippn dots or the cheese drenched potato ribbons or what, but I had a little too much to eat. Then after a brief respite, it was time to show Erin the big muddy blues festival on the landing. If you have never been you have no excuse. Now, I don't know if it was the hurricane or a couple Smirnoff/pineapple juice concoctions Erin made (I have a weakness for pineapple juice, particularly this, but that's neither here nor there), or the family size hurricane Erin and Jackie found right before they stopped serving, but I had a little too much to drink. All in all, a good way to celebrate Labor day weekend.

Then this morning, I find a couple cool links. Eric IMed me this song by Anne Feeney, and you must watch this political ad.

Happy Labor Day.


rolling along

The People of Lazy days are proud to announce we have shot past the 2.5 billion mark, with no sign of slowing down any time soon.