Excitement on the home front. New toys have come in. Now it's off to move things around, install some software, test everything, and hand things out. The laptop is going to my sister, and the desktop is off on loan to Julie. I think they must have expedited the shipping, because there was a problem with the credit card yesterday. Apparently buying stuff from all over the country set off Discover Card's fraud detection system and both Discover and MacMall called me. So I was a little surprised when my ground shipping that just went out yesterday afternoon was in my condo today when I got home from work!

P.S. To all our Fearless Leaders and Powers that Be: I am doing everything humanly possible to stimulate the economy. My roommate and I moved into a new condo. My little car has requested multiple expensive repairs. And now there is much shuffling of electronics to get to various peoples.

Now, please do your part! We need healthcare reform that eliminates the inefficiencies of the health insurance industry and ends the job bondage of employer-based healthcare. We need unemployment insurance that actually covers people who are unemployed, not just people laid off under certain limited circumstances. We need financial companies taken over, management fired, insolvent companies put through bankruptcy, decades-old regulations re-instituted, and new regulations implemented. We need, in short, policy aimed to benefit all Americans, not just a few.


Okay, optimistic Nate back. Yay toys!

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