holy cow, cnbc is doing investigative reporting

I'm almost flabbergasted. CNBC, the network that didn't seem to even know it's stupid to attack the Daily Show, has an in-depth special on this evening about the new world of Walmart. Now, of course, it ultimately is still largely an advertisement for Walmart. Fairly new Walmart CEO Duke gets very good air-time for his interview.

However, this is borderline real news, a shocker from the business channel seemed destined for irrelevance.

I'm not sure if this is a first time air, or a repeat broadcast, but consider:

There is video footage of everything from Obama (circa 2007) speaking to the United Farm and Commercial Workers about supporting workers as they demand better wages and the right to organize from Walmart to protesters with Jobs for Justice and others outside Walmart stores to a trip to DC organized by UFCW to lobby for EFCA (the bill making unionization easier).

There are interviews not just with the aforementioned CEO and other senior executives, but also a store manager, associates of various persuasions (even those speaking out about wages and healthcare), wake up walmart (an advocacy group dedicated to pressuring Walmart), and Chinese factory workers speaking out against working conditions.

Just, wow. I'm having to re-evaluate my whole opinion of GE.

Well, let's not go that far. But for the whole time I've been eating dinner and then on my laptop, I haven't bothered changing the channel.

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