family is great

Who else can you have feed you and they think they're the ones getting a grand deal out of the whole thing? If only all of life worked that way.

Speaking of life, my ever so responsible parents have filled out paperwork for me to be their healthcare proxy if something happens to them, and well, my mother "misplaced" her notebook from the workshop they went to. She can tell you to put the deck of cards back in the right drawer yet managed to create exactly the kind of situation that gets fun if something really does happen to her before she finds it or fills out more paperwork for me.

What? Your mother doesn't want to be operated on if she's going to die in two days regardless? She prefers alleviation of serious pain even if there's a chance it might reduce her chance of living longer? Gasp! You can't possibly know her wishes. You don't have her form!

You know, that last paragraph won't seem so funny if something actually does happen to her. Now I've done it.

Needing a quick change of subject, let me relate something else funny this weekend. I will not source this quote as it is somewhat, uh, revealing, but it must be recorded for posterity (after all, they may not even know what the "internet" was):

Everything I know about dating I learned from the internet.

And speaking of the internet, what a great waste of time it is, too. As if I didn't already know this:

See what Care Bear you are.

Now, technically, I tied with Wish Bear, but come on. I am clearly grounded in reality, not naive about it.


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