back to basics

As I approach a very exciting date, one whole year of blogger fun, I thought I'd grab one of those bulletins that zip around the web and talk about my ABCs. Enjoy!

A - Available?: Unfortunately, not very often. This time last year I was worried because most of the people I hung out with were leaving town, and now I can't even find time to sleep enough.

B - Best Friend?: All of you! Yes, that is both purposefully vague and not very helpful. Sue me. Or bite me, as one friend might say.

C - Crush?: Ooh, those are fun!

D - Dogs name?: Yeah, right.

E - Easiest Person To Talk To?: Again, difficult to narrow down, but this time I'll give you a name: Becki.

F - Friday or Saturday?: Saturdays rock my face off.

G - Gummy bears or worms?: Bears, duh! Where did I go to school?

H - Hometown?: Liberty, MO...boren 'n rayzed

I - If You Could Move Would You?: If by could, you mean money not an issue, absolutely! I want a mansion on the beach either in the French Rivierra or a South Pacific island. Otherwise, no, I am right where I want to be. Have you seen my apartment? Who would want to move out of it?

J - Jesus?: That's a good J. I think, at least. Does it start with J in aramaic or Greek? [mind wandering off to name of God in Indiana Jones movie...]

K - Kids?: Way too many of them. Actually, I like kids, as long as they belong to other people.

L - Last person you hugged?: Charity...mmm, hope you had fun blues dancing ;)

M - Milk Flavor?: skim

N - Number Of Siblings?: 2

O - One Wish?: purpose

P - Phobia(s) - too many to name; heights, losing my teeth, becoming severely disabled (I really should fill out a living will), awkward social situations, failure, rejection, being in a place where I'm not wanted, and many more

Q - Favorite Quote?: How can you pick one? I have four on my facebook profile, so let me add a different one: "and the greatest of these is love"

R - Reason to smile?: No reason required!

S- Favorite song?: I honestly have no idea. How can one song possibly transcend all the rest? I really love "Impression that I get" by Might Mighty Bosstones.

T - Time You Woke Up?: 7:05 am

U - Unknown Fact About You?: Ha, now how would it remain unknown? How about this: I just started blues dancing.

V - Vegetable You Love?: corn on the cob

W - Worst Habit?: I take things too personally.

X - X-Rays You've Had?: wrist, teeth

Y - Yummy Food?: now that's repetitive. As far as a nice meal, either filet mignon wrapped in bacon or chicken parmesan. As far as pure guilty addiction, glazed donut holes. They're worse than crack.

Z- Zodiac sign?: [before google] what's that? [after google] In the tropical calendar, I'm an Aries, full of the fresh vigor of early spring.


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