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So I disappear for a couple days and there's tons to talk about. The President's pal Kenny Boy and Jeff Skilling get convicted on several counts. What does that make, 16 Enron fellons, give or take? Attorney General Alberto Gonzales sends the FBI to raid a Congressman's office. And we thought they couldn't find any unprecedented things left to do! And oh yeah, let's make sure we say Democrats are as corrupt as Republicans every 20 seconds on cable. Then, Dennis Hastert, Republican Speaker of the House, was so moved to appeal directly to the President about the danger of sending the Feds raiding Congressional offices. Then, it turns out, possibly, maybe, Hastert himself might be somehow involved in the case surrounding Cunningham, the guy selling out national security by funneling subpar firms into intelligence contracts. Hmm, now what might be found in Hastert's office; hookers, yachts, or fancy furniture? And what's this about Scooter Libby's lawyers saying the government said Cheney won't be a prosecution witness? What might the Vice President have to say!? Then there's the fun with classification. Oops, the FCC can't investigate whether the phone companies have been cooperating with the military because they'll just classify anything the NSA was doing. Meanwhile, Iran's Ahmadijenad is compared to Hitler...oh, wait, just kidding, the neocons didn't really mean to make that comparison.

And the Royals are on another fabulous streak. And I don't mean hitting back to back to back homeruns this afternoon.

My big news I want to talk about, though, is that I found another addiction. You may not know this about me, but I have a very addictive personality; it explains a lot of why I generally try to abstain from unhealthier pursuits rather than trying to do them in moderation, and I think it also helps explain why I prefer consistency over change. I have no doubt I would become a crack addict overnight; if you read my day-before-anniversary post, you already know I can't control myself around donut holes. I'm a charter member of the "one more turn" Civ crowd.

Anyway, so a site I have been on for a couple months now is the perfect blend of sarcasm, political dialogue, and social networking. I have caught myself logging in to Essembly in the morning, at work, when I get home from work, when I should be going to bed, when I'm hungry but want to see what's happened before I make dinner, and other such times. This cannot end well.

Until then, this is awesome! God bless the internets.


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