a buycott?

The contradictions of the ideology of free market ideologues and the policies enacted by free market ideologues are very fascinating (at least if you're anything like me). If it's alright for dollars to buy votes (something more civilized cultures might refer to as "bribery"), then it sure makes sense to vote with your dollars. I sure enjoy the irony that much of what we buy as consumers (and sell as producers) actually undermines the policy objectives of those who claim publicly to most strongly support all those words du jour like democracy, freedom, trade, ownership, and family values. In fact, the company that pays Vice President Cheney hundreds of thousands of dollars has gotten involved at various times with Iraq, Iran, and Libya; nevermind those pesky sanctions which, by definition, are anti free trade. None of the aforementioned rant is particularly new or profound. But I did enjoy reading this article suggesting a buycott of Citgo. You gotta love it when two popularly elected Presidents (well, at least we're told they both won--the statisticians think one of the victories is worth exploring) with sketchy military backgrounds (for different reasons) start going after one another in a very drawn out public spate. Think Jerry Springer meets Foreign Affairs on the schoolyard playground.

President Bush: Do what I say or we'll overthrow your government.
President Chavez: Don't mess with me or I'll sell my oil to China.
President Bush: We've got nukes.
President Chavez: We've got women who win a ridiculous number of beauty pageants.
President Bush: Ok, I can't beat that. I'm going to go bash some dictator foolish enough to not secure his power through an election.
President Chavez: You'll still buy my oil, right?
President Bush: You'll still invite me to the Miss Venezuela pageant, right?


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