busy busy busy

I have forgotten how hectic the holidays get. When you go from a month off to a week, that sure doesn't help any. Here it is Monday night, and I've only slept in my bed at home once this week, while two nights have been at the Plaza! Friday night at the Hampton, then Sunday at the Jefferson. (Can I call it that, Andy?). I sure haven't ever spent Christmas Eve eating breakfast in a hotel lobby in my own home town. It was fun, though: hey, we're from Michigan, we're the Virginia side of the family...yeah, I'm from Liberty [just down the road].

As much as I would love to actually be sleeping a little, there's just too much to do...family during the day, friends at night, even a great Chiefs game. By the way, Detroit, can you please decide to play a game? Next week is really important.

Not to mention presents. Really, what would Christmas be without those? It appears that I will be able to replace my laptop this winter...yay! I love it, but sadly, it is starting to show its age.

Here's to legos and home cooking and games and O'Dowd's and lounging around with family and sleeping in and trying to find a place to hang out at night on Christmas Eve and eating way too much and sleeping way too little and scraping ice off your car and seeing high school friends and engagement rings and lights on the Plaza and birthdays and driving in a city where I don't get annoyed by every other car and watching skyscrapers disappear into the mist and having to use your brights to drive around town and Lord of the Rings Risk and all the other good stuff that is Christmas.


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