it's hot

Our shower is hot, printer fusers are hot, and August afternoons are hot. I had never been into World Market or Trader Joe's, but the clientele there, elles sont chaud aussi.

So my roommate decided our water wasn't warm enough. Now, when you step in the shower, there is no gap from cold to hot, which is usually where I like to shower. Seriously, more than a quarter turn and you get scalded.

As a public service, I thought I would remind people not to touch the the really hot part of a printer. It's really hot, especially on a big copier. I was fighting a paper jam and while I got the paper out I didn't escape unharmed.

Two of three moves are completed. These people decided that the middle of the summer is a fantastic time to ask friends for help carrying heavy things up and down stairs. Bravo.

I think the last comment is self explanatory; you really shouldn't need to translate the franglais. It is kind of amazing, though, I've lived here five years now and there are still big stores near places I shop that I have never even been into once.


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