they're here, partly

Part I of my spending spree is here from Amazon; the Star Wars trilogy (and don't even ask which one) and Ghostbusters 1 and 2 arrived. The thing is, the first thing I noticed was the cover designs printed on the DVDs. If any of you out there are intimately familiar with the Star Wars or Ghostbuster DVDs, maybe you can help me out. The printing for A New Hope is not centered on the DVD spine the same way that Empire and Jedi are. Is that how they are all printed, or did Amazon save a couple bucks by buying some dvds that had printing errors? And on the off chance that it is an error, what are the odds that the other box set I got would also have an error? Ghostbusters 1 is offcentered too high, and 2 is offcentered too low. Weird. You would think companies that spend a gazillion dollars marketing their products could produce labels that match.

And check this out:

That's the date when the Ghostbusters DVD box set becomes available. Yet it shipped and is my hand. Magic.


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